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Item List


October 2021

Brighter Journeys contributes quarterly to serendipity therapeutic riding center, who uses the funds to sponsor therapeutic riding for a client deemed to be in need and can use the help financially

November 2021

iPad to enable non-verbal recipient to communicate with family and at school

November 2021


“Lisa!! Kelly is crying her eyes out in happiness! You are an Angel who somehow entered our lives…I don’t know how to ever thank you..You are a wonderful person who just changed my niece’s life..THANK YOU!!! Whatever we can do to help you with anything please do not hesitate to ask!!! xoxo

December 2021

Elevator Repair

“We have an elevator in or home to allow Max to have full access to the finished basement where Max can exercise, enjoy his video games and have his friends over without being confined to just one level. Having Brighter Journeys step in and pay for repair cost when it was broken for over a year was extremely grateful to myself and giving Max freedom to go anywhere in the house he wants. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

December 2021


“We received the best Christmas gift ever this year, our new fence. We’ve been trying for 4-5 years to figure out a way to get a fence, as our autistic son has been running across our very busy road several times a day on a daily basis. Well this past August2021 as we were touring Graham Academy, I mentioned our situation to adminstrators and I was giving the number to Brighter Journey. I immediately got on their website and filled out their grant application. Lisa Urbanski got in touch with us and was there every step of the way, even contacting fence companies. On Christmas Eve day Keystone Fence surprised us and began digging holes for our fence. On December 26th our fence was finished adding so much relief off our shoulders. We can’t thank all that made this possible enough…Keystone Fencing, Graham Academy and especially Lisa Urbanski and Brighter Journey.”
Mr/Mrs. John Daws Jr.

January 2022

Ameriglide Wheelchair Lift - insurance would not cover new wheelchair without

December 2022

Posterior Toddler Walker
Client uses at Allied Services in Wilkes-Barre and in school, family needed one for her to be able to also walk at home.

February 2022

Therapy Sensory Items

“Hi Lisa, this is Briget Rischawy. We had the caregiver training and distributed those items that you purchased for us last night! Mom and Dad were thrilled. We had the OT and his behavior team all in one place and it was awesome. Thank you again so much. I really think this will have a big impact on their family’s lives.”

February 2022

Ceiling Mounted Track System with Hoist Lift, allowing caregivers to transport non-ambulatory individual from bed to recliner to shower chair to wheelchair

April 2022

Items purchased for Lycoming County Childrens Development Center (an inclusive nursery program) to create a sensory room for children with special needs to be able to use a quiet space when over stimulated

“The kids love it!! I just got a new kiddo who was very overwhelmed with leaving mom, that room was a Godsend. I am so thankful for you guys. That room has been amazing for many of my students.”

April 2022

Stair glide

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity in assisting us in getting a stair lift for our son Andrew when ours broke and couldn’t be repaired. It was a long 8 days carrying him up and down 14 steps to bed every night and the next morning. It took two people since he is 6 feet tall and weighs 135 pounds. To compound things Dean is battling cancer and he is weak so it was not a good situation. Andrew doesn’t understand how to help us as he functions at 1 year old mentally so it’s a struggle to say the least. (He has a rare gene mutation that hasn’t been named yet but he is one of 7 in the world so far that has it). We were so upset that we would trip and fall with Andrew but so happy we found you and that the stair lift was installed. Our life is so complicated with all his medical needs as it is, with your help it made our life a little easier. Thank you again so much!”
Dean, Amy, Andrew and Lacy Kriebel

May 2022

Sensory Feeding Tools

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